Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I apply?

    You need to fill in the information request form on the Cubatrawell.com website, and apply or contact us directly.
  • What should I do after I apply?

    After applying from the Cubatrawell website, our expert friend will contact you. You should collect the requested information and the current medical documents of the patient and send them to us.
  • How do I translate documents?

    After your reports are received, we can check and translate them in medical terminology.
  • How many days after Cuba is coming back?

    We can get answers from 7 to 15 days, except for weekends and holidays to Cuba.
  • Can the cancer vaccine be suitable for every patient?

    Vaccine therapy is available for many types of cancer in Cuba, but not for all patients. Doctor evaluation is the most correct method.
  • Is there a different treatment method?

    There are alternative treatments developed in Cuba. Health programs created include vaccines or alternative programs to strengthen the patient’s immune system.
  • Can you bring medicines from Cuba?

    In Cuba, all medicines are prescribed individually and billed. Therefore, it is not legal and correct to bring medicines. It is compulsory to be taken to Cuba by first degree relatives or by the patient.
  • How much are the treatment costs in Cuba?

    The price information about the treatments becomes clear after the analysis process. Price cannot be calculated before the analysis process is completed. Pricing is made by Cuban authorities. It would be wrong to specify an average price even before the patient enters the analysis process. There may be different processes and applications for each patient.
  • Is flight ticket price included in pricing?

    Air tickets are not included in pricing in our health programs. If desired, it can be offered as an additional service.
  • What language is spoken in Cuba?

    The native language of Cuba is Spanish. However, many of the doctors also know English.
  • How long should he stay in Cuba if the patient is accepted for treatment?

    The patient needs to stay in Cuba for about a week. However, this process may rarely vary according to the patient’s treatment status.
  • How are patients or patient relatives informed about the response from Cuba?

    We inform the patients or their relatives who have contacted us with a positive or negative response from doctors in Cuba by phone. Patients who receive positive feedback are informed about the appropriate health program.